Travelling Tip


Don’t drink tap water. It is best to drink bottled water, purified water or boiled water. If you do drink water from a tap or well it is best to ask the locals what water is safe to drink.

Doctors in Vrindavan

Brij Health Care Hospital, approximately 2kms from the MVT is well staffed, clean and modern. There is the Methodist Hospital in Mathura. If there is a serious illness it is suggested that you go to a major hospital in Delhi.

Cultural and Social behaviour

Women do not generally shake hands with men. Also men and women should not touch each other in public, especially in holy places and temples.

To greet someone, it is good manners to put your palms together and say “Namaste” or “Radhe Radhe”.

When you enter someone’s home you should take off your shoes.

After someone has begun eating, they should wash their hands before serving themselves or others more food. You should not take a bite out of something and then hand it to someone else to eat, or eat off the same plate as someone. After eating, Indians wash their hands and mouth.

Temple Ettiquete

It is best to dress conservatively. Women should not overly expose themselves. Women should ideally have their head covered in a temple

You have to leave your shoes outside temples. One tip is to use an inexpensive pair of sandals when visiting temples or pay someone a rupee or two to watch your shoes for you. In most temples it is all right to keep your socks or stockings on, but not always.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on temple grounds.

Leather items should not be taken into temples.

If you circle the deities (circle the temple) this should always be done clockwise.

If you bow down before the deities (pay obeisances) you should bow down with your left side to the deities, not your right side.

While sitting in a temple, you should not point your legs toward the deities.


You have to be careful of the monkeys, because they will steal anything from you, if you give them a chance. They go especially for your eye glasses, bananas (small surprise), and other fruit.

Valueable and Securites

When you go into a crowded area, for example, a railway station, be very conscious of your money belt at all times. Travel bags should be made of strong material so that they can’t be cut open. You should be able to put a lock on them. The external pockets on the bags should not be used to carry valuables. Women should not keep valuables in their pocketbook. They are easily slit with a razor or pickpocketed. Don’t carry valuables in your back pockets or shirt pockets. It is best to keep your valuables in the front part of your body. Do not leave any items lying around the temple room


There are many ATMs in this area such as State Bank of India, Axis Bank, etc. HDFC and ICICI about 1km away from the Bhakti Dhama.